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  • Your Result: Kelpie

    The kelpie is described as a water spirit that is said to haunt open rivers, seas, and lakes. The kelpie is said to be a demon in the shape of a horse, and is described as being very mischievous and savage. In Scottish mythology the kelpie is known for luring and tricking people to their death. They are even said to be able to take the form of a human being in order to lure people in. It is also said that if you hear the howling of a kelpie than death is coming for you.

    This seems fitting. And the people I'm mad at certainly would take warning from a howl....

  • One of the best quizzes I've ever done i got the water horse or whatever it's called

    So glad it's a Scottish legend I'll certainly tell my sister about this quiz

    Can't believe I'm the first to comet xD


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