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  • Yay i got Cadance!

    Princess Cadence Jul 3 '16, 11:17PM
  • Your Result: cadence

    you are caring and sweet. you are protective of loved ones,and sometimes nervous under pressure.you are very loving but wont let evil get in your way.

    Mistytail Mar 11 '16, 9:09PM
  • I got Cadence, yay!!

    SherryBerry Jan 9 '16, 10:35AM
  • Twilight sparkle yahoo! I love reading and books and love MLP and the mane six!

    Abcrab05 Jun 16 '15, 3:18PM
  • Woo Hoo Cadence!!!

    ac2332 May 23 '15, 8:45AM
  • I wanted 2 b luna,NOT CADANCE

    Mooncookie May 26 '14, 8:24AM
  • cadence :)

    OmegaWolf9 Feb 18 '13, 4:39AM

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