which my little pony princess are you?

are you luna,twilight,cadence or celestia?you can find out now with this quiz!i hope you have a royally good time!!!you may surprise yourself with who you are!

simply answer the questions to find out.do not take this if you have never watched my little pony,friendship is magic! have fun and LOVE AND TOLERATE!

Created by: lunamlp60
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. you see a creature on the ground.what do you do?
  2. ponies are scared of you!what do you do?
  3. choose.
  4. a pony angers you.what do you do?
  5. your friends reject you.
  6. you turn into an earth pony.
  7. which word describes you?
  8. favorite color.
  9. who sings this song and what song is it? "shining armor will be!"
  10. who is best princess?

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Quiz topic: Which my little pony princess am I?