Which musical instrument are you?

What musical instrument are you.... in a famous band? knowing this can start up your music career but no promises. You may think some of the questions are irrelevant but that's not true. Where you want to live and where you live breeds a certain musician.

If you are a musician and you're taking this quiz then most likely your instrument will be the result. If not then you might wanna take up another instrument.

Created by: Bill Wabs
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  1. When you're around a group of people do you tend to talk a lot and are the center of attention?
  2. Do you hum songs while working and not even realize it sometimes?
  3. After a long night of drinking, do you wake up in the morning with tons of energy?
  4. Do you dance a lot when out with friends or family?
  5. Do you take control of odd situations because no one else will?
  6. If there's a group project at work or school that needs to be done a certain way, do you prefer if someone tells you how to get it done step by step
  7. Do you use your hands when you talk?
  8. Do you like the way your cell phone vibrates or ever just play with the vibrating button?
  9. Were you a class clown?
  10. When you arrive at a party or gathering, do your friends approach you with huge smiles and expect you to assist them with a knee slappin' laugh?
  11. Do you travel a lot?
  12. Would you live in San Diego?
  13. Would you live in New York?
  14. Would you live in New Orleans?
  15. Would you live in Chicago?
  16. Would you live in Los Angeles ?
  17. Would you live in Seattle?
  18. Would you live in Austin Texas?
  19. Would you live in Memphis?
  20. Would you live in Miami?
  21. (last one. Believe it or not these are important questions.)Would you live in Philadelphia?

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Quiz topic: Which musical instrument am I?