Which Famous Guitarist Are You?

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What kind of guitarist are you? Which one represents you? Are you a virtuoso shred guitarist, a blues classic rock fan or a rhythm guitarist? Find it out next.

(I really don't want to write a description, so...) The guitar is a musical instrument of the chordophone family. The standard guitar has six strings but four-, seven-, eight-, nine-, ten-, eleven-, twelve-, thirteen- and eighteen-string guitars are also available.

Created by: Sebastian Lange

  1. If you could only choose ONE guitar for all your life, it would be a...?
  2. What's your music about?
  3. Effect, pedals, etc...?
  4. What's your guitar practice like?
  5. I prefer
  6. Picks I would use?
  7. Genre I prefer:
  8. Song I prefer:
  9. Best show:
  10. The last one, how would you produce your music, with...?

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Quiz topic: Which Famous Guitarist am I?