the guitarist quiz

Please don't put gibberish or excessive repeating characters in the paragraph and parting word fields just to make the minimum length. This creates a very junky looking quiz that will probably be hidden by the admins or even deleted.

see which type of guitarist you are. do you even care? well if you have to know come in here cause we dont care!!! but i ust have to keep typing to meet the requirement so la la la do do da la le la la lay

Created by: ed
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what notation do you read?
  2. who of these is your favorite
  3. do you like A.F.I.
  4. how many people in van halen are related?
  5. how many people are in van halen?
  6. do you have a whammy bar
  7. which is your fav guitar
  8. which guitar pose did pete townshend become famous for
  9. if you could which guitarist would you meet
  10. how many people are in the jimi hendrix experince

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