Which guitarist do you like the most ?

They are many guitarist who have earned their place among the best, some not quite their yet, knowledge is crucial in order to excell, you need to focus on the things that sound good, not just look good. Dimebag, MAB, Kirk, and all the others went through years of hard work and dedication to achieve the title of LEGEND

Do you think you have the virtues of a true guitarist, just take this quiz and find out, lets see what you can do, are you a LEGEND, and great one, a good one, and mediocre, do you suck, are you so bad that you dont even deserve to touch another guitar in your life, well, if you think your that smart, lets see what choices you make.

Created by: Ahmed
  1. What part of a song you prefer to play ?
  2. Which skill are you best at ?
  3. Which genre appeals more to your playing ?
  4. What do you think of the song "My Curse"
  5. Which song would you attempt to Play
  6. Who is the heaviest out of these ?
  7. Which brand would you choose ?
  8. Who is the fastest ? ( in your opinion )
  9. Who is the overall best? (in your opinion)
  10. Which would your rather be better in ?

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Quiz topic: Which guitarist do I like the most ?