Which Classic Rock artist are you?

Musical artists represent a wide range of people: The moral, the thoughtful, the wild, the dreamers. Have you wondered who you would be? There are many qualities that play into this: Leadership, Opinions, Love, Enjoyment and many others.

Are you a wild and crazy guitarist? A low key, integral part of the band. Are you in it for the money, or too share your opinions. Or are you a renegade who does what he/she thinks??

Created by: joe

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  1. You're about to go on stage to thousands of screaming fans that would put the Beatle's share of attention to shame. How do you perform the concert?
  2. Would you rather schedule a 50-major city world tour or a charity benefit concert in Panama?
  3. You've played a great show and fans are going wild. What do you do?
  4. Do your songs reflect life concepts like love and anger or stories and less meaningfull values.
  5. Fame or fortune?
  6. Do you take time to sign every autograph or sprint off with your band mates?
  7. Which band do you like the most?
  8. Do you beleive in Crash-and-Burn or careful maintnance of body and soul?
  9. There's an hour to go before you go on stage. Theres some free drugs that you can take. Do you take them and see what happens or do you stay focused on giving a good show?
  10. At a press confrence, you are asked about a touchy subject with the band.(for instance: An ex-band member) How do you respond?
  11. Do you destroy your instruments after performing or simply walk off the stage?
  12. Do you commonly voice your opinions in your music or play it safe and sing about nuetral topics?
  13. Do drugs play an integral part in making music?
  14. If you were a musical artist, what would be your biggest enjoyment?
  15. What is your drug of choice?
  16. Classify yourself:
  17. Describe your music career...

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Quiz topic: Which Classic Rock artist am I?