Rock Trivia Quiz

What is a true rock fan? Someone who buys the albums, goes to the concerts, reads up on the artist from albums and articles, and studies them on the internet. Is this you? This test will determine how true a rock fan you are.

Are you a true rock fan? This test will let you know how good you are. If you can answer these questions you are a true rock fan! Those who know details are knowledgeable about the subject. Is that you? Check it out!

Created by: Jack Hopkins
  1. Who was the most successful, best and most influential group of all time?
  2. Before the Who, who held the record for loudest band in the Guinness Book of World Records?
  3. Which of the following could be a description of the sound of Blue Cheer?
  4. Which of the following was NOT a member of Procol Harum?
  5. Who substituted for Ringo Starr when he fell sick on tour with the Beatles?
  6. What influential guitarist taught the psychedelic sound to Jefferson Airplane's Jorma Kaukonen?
  7. Who is today called the "Father of the Psychedelic Guitar"?
  8. Who was the original lead guitarist for the Yardbirds?
  9. Who was the original lead guitarist for the James Gang?
  10. Who was the original bass player for the Beatles?

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