will you be a rock guitarist

There are thousands or guitarists in the world many of which are stupidly famous, perhaps as a result of their sheer natural talent, many give up and make no use of what skill they may have had.

Use this quiz to find out which one of those you are. But please dont try and get the best score, answer truthfully and if you score low and want to score higher in future think where you may be going wrong.

Created by: vasinveose
  1. How long do you practice playing for each day
  2. what different styles of music do you play
  3. what different styles of music do you play continued
  4. do you challenge yourself
  5. do you think/speak highly of your playing skills
  6. did you ever pretend to play guitar or do air guitar
  7. do you have onther asspirations in life
  8. can you play the style of music you and others enjoy most
  9. what do you whant to do with you playing skills
  10. do you have a hero or and idol

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Quiz topic: Will I be a rock guitarist