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  • Your Result: Pop 83%

    resultYou enjoy music that is typically "happy and mindless".You love a catchy chorus or hook that stays in your mind for hours.The songs you like often have a "good part", typically the chorus and care little for the other verses.You put little emphasis on lyrics unless you're singing along to the chorus.You probably enjoy chart music and enjoy listening to the radio.

    41% EDM
    33% Rap/Hip Hop
    33% Rhythm and Blues
    31% Folk
    24% Rock
    22% Blues
    14% Country
    0% Metal
    0% Classical

    • I got rap which I absolutely love and ya it was a good quiz but kinda biased and racist...

      Please check out my quiz "What popular song fits you?" You could get my oh my, life is good, everything I wanted, blinding lights, etc. It's like this quiz but you get a specific song

      quiet rider
  • Why are gay men grouped with teenage girls? I get that they're stereotypes but come on man.

  • um this is sorta steriotypical and racist and stuff. But i did get what i am


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