Which Miitopia Job Are You?

Nintendo's game Miitopia features a protagonist (played by a Mii of your choice) that picks a class or job, that determines their role in battles against monsters.

Which job should you pick, if you haven't played yet? If you have played, which job suits your personality best? Find out today in like, five minutes my guy.

Created by: The DANK Lord
  1. Are you an attacker, magic user or a healer?
  2. Do you want a Neskdor Job or Greenhorne Job?
  3. What's your personality?
  4. Which weapon would you use?
  5. What would you wear to battle?
  6. What do you do if a teammate needs healing?
  7. What's your favorite movie?
  8. What's your favorite game (you can't pick Miitopia!)?
  9. What class are you in D&D (if you play it)?
  10. What's your LEAST favorite Job?

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Quiz topic: Which Miitopia Job am I?