What Miitopia Character Are You?

A nice little quiz about which miitopia character you are. I didn't do many, but I did do the great Sage dark curse ex dark lord and fab fairies...

Now, just a disclaimer, this is for fun. I do not mean that the personality will be yours. It is for fun to see what people would get. I just figured I'd let you know so there is no offense.

Created by: A miitopian
  1. If you encountered an enemy would you.
  2. What is your favorite character?
  3. Your friend wants you to eat something you hate. How would you react.
  4. What is your favorite villain (Barely any effect)
  5. Did you like the quiz? (No effect)
  6. Who do you think you got? (No effect) tell me in the comments?
  7. You found some cute headbands on the street.
  8. You accidentally bump into someone.
  9. What character do you think has the best music?
  10. And now for the final question that has no effect that I just decided would fit it: are you subscribed to LaurenZside?

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Quiz topic: What Miitopia Character am I?