Is Your RPG Character A Mary Sue?

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Please, be as honest as you can. No one is going to see exactly what you answered - only your final score. If we see that your character appears to have too many of these traits, but you have a shockingly low score, we will request you take this again.

Created by: Xandra J.
  1. Is your character named after you?
  2. Has anyone ever told you your character was a Mary Sue/Gary Stu?
  3. Does your character's eye or hair colour ever, at any point, change?
  4. Does your character have a natural eye colour that stands out from the norm? (eg. purple, red, black, etc.)
  5. If the above question applies to you, does your character have purple eyes?
  6. If your character is put into a tight spot, do they suddenly discover a hidden magical or physical talent previously unknown?
  7. Have you ever put a character in a tight spot just to show off their kick-butt skills?
  8. If the above applies, was it to the detriment of the other characters in the RP?
  9. Have you ever god-modded for the sake of beginning a romance between your character and another?
  10. Is your character extraordinarily handsome or beautiful?
  11. (Unless a villain) Is your character generally disliked by other characters?
  12. Do you go to great and troubling length to describe how handsome/beautiful/sexy your character is?
  13. Conversely, do you often go to great lengths to describe how blatantly ordinary your character is?
  14. Does your character have some kind of tragic, incurable disease?
  15. Is your character's name extremely unusual, or sounds Japanese for a character that isn't?
  16. Is your character the best, or among the best, and anything he/she does?
  17. Do you consider your character an ideal role model?
  18. Have wars, battles, or tournaments ever been held for your character's honour hand? (if female)
  19. Does your character have any super-human powers such as telekinesis?
  20. Have you ever given your character some kind of cool new gadget or weapon only for the sake of getting them out of some kind of tight spot?
  21. Is your character the member of any group that it's really really hard to be a part of?
  22. If female, does your character have 'rebellious princess syndrome'? (refusing to wear 'ladylike' clothes, refusing aristocratic suitors, possibly running away to avoid an arranged marriage, etc.)
  23. Did your search, when looking for a picture, include the words 'hot', 'beautiful' or 'sexy'? (if no picture was used, do you use those words in your description of the character?)
  24. Do you take it as a personal attack when someone says they do not like your character?
  25. Is your character openly disrespectful to authority figures (teachers, parents, police officers, etc.) but yet get off with no real punishment?
  26. DE-SUIFIER: Has your character ever been mean, petty, or selfish for no other reason than that it was convenient?
  27. DE-SUIFIER: If your character has a bad past with his/her parents, will he/she reconcile with them in the end?
  28. DE-SUIFIER: Is your character out of shape and stays that way? (I don't mean "Oh, I just don't think I can finish this triathlon", I mean honestly, hinderingly wimpy?
  29. DE-SUIFIER: Is your character physically disabled, and has nothing to make up for it? (To quote Dr. Merlin, anyone who says "She's so pretty that it's like a disability because everyone hates her or wants to have sex with her" will be summarily keelhauled.)
  30. DE-SUIFIER: Do you ever poke fun at your character's faults/weaknesses and/or use them as plot devices?
  31. DE-SUIFIER: Is your character human, 40+, and looks his/her age?

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Quiz topic: Is my RPG Character A Mary Sue?