How Strong Is Your Miitopia Team?

Miitopia is a game where you can create a team of Mii characters, give them powers or “jobs”, and defeat a Dark Lord stealing faces, only to discover that this Dark Lord isn’t even the true villain..

But enough with that story stuff. Is your team a relationship-99 level 50 sweatsquad, or are you a new player? Let’s see if I can guess your progress and levels in this quiz.

Created by: TanyaDaMiitopiaSweat
  1. Where is your team at?
  2. Do you play Miitopia on..
  3. How many people do you set out with (not counting the horse)?
  4. Do you like to grind before you reach tough bosses?
  5. Which job is your main character (may not include all jobs)?
  6. Have you defeated at least one Dark Sun?
  7. Which boss did you find most challenging?
  8. What level relationship are you at (with any team member)?
  9. What kind of war cries do you give your Miis?
  10. The Fate is a chance to beat New Lumos!

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Quiz topic: How Strong Is my Miitopia Team?