What type of Dark Fey are you?

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! This quiz is based on the characters who appear in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. There are four option that you will get.

There are four dark fey Tribes, indeed: Tundra, Forest, Jungle and Desert Fey. Each of them has unique features, powers, abilities and special wings. Are you ready to find out what type of Dark Fey are you?

Created by: Ginevra
  1. How do you describe yourself?
  2. What kind of movies do you prefer?
  3. Describe you social life.
  4. Very Well: the trivial questions are over. Now imagine you are an able human warrior, who is chosen by a magical and mystical weapon to fight an evil sorcerer. What kind of magical weapon will choose you?
  5. Great! Unfortunately you have gone far to retrieve the magical weapon, but you must go back quickly: the evil sorcerer is destroying your homeland and you must reach him and defeat him before it's too late. What mythological creature brings you home?
  6. Congratulations! You have defeated the evil sorcerer, but before he was destroyed, he cast a transfiguration spell on you. What have you become?
  7. In another parallel universe, you are a magician and there are none evil sorcerer (fortunately, given your sad end!). What superpower do you have?
  8. Wonderful. Now imagine you are a Dark Fey (finally!). What would you do in your spare time?
  9. Obvious question: what do your wings look like?
  10. Pick an answer and don't think about it!

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Quiz topic: What type of Dark Fey am I?

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