What dark Fey are you?

Each fey has there unique powers and beauty. Which one are you? They are 5 options that you will get. Some are more powerful than others. I wonder what you will get. This is based on maleficent 2.

they are four different kinds of dark fey that are shown in the movie were born: The tundra fey, the forest fey, the jungle fey, and the desert fey. These four different factions are as visually distinct as the environments they are based on.

Created by: Rosiefeathers

  1. what gender are you
  2. what bird is your favorite
  3. what environment is your favorite
  4. what's your favorite color
  5. war or peace
  6. what power would you want
  7. how much do you care for others
  8. how would you describe yourself
  9. what battle clothes do you like
  10. what do you dream of

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Quiz topic: What dark Fey am I?