Which member of Team Small Dog are You?

Now is YOUR chance to figure out which member of Team Small Dog you are - Senior member Timmy, original fast dog Ruby, that scallawag Otterpop, or the newest little party boy Gustavo.

Just take this fun and easy quiz, no pencil required. Unless you want to show your work on the bottom of the page. Or poke something now that you got it sharpened and everything.

Created by: laura hartwick of Team Small Dog
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  1. A nice thing to eat for you would be:
  2. If you were forced at gunpoint by an armed ranger with an assault weapon to sum up your personality in one word, this word would do the trick:
  3. Your approach to dog agility is:
  4. If you had a job that was not to just be a dog, and you were a human and this was a dream or science fiction, that job might be:
  5. When it's time to eat, you:
  6. Your dream house is:
  7. There is a fly in your house. The best thing to do is:
  8. Your ipod playlist includes:
  9. You hear this sentence a lot:
  10. Your relationship to humans can pretty well be summed up as:
  11. In your life before you joined the team, you:

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Quiz topic: Which member of Team Small Dog am I?