What Sonic Heroes Team member would you be suited for?

Ever wanted to know, that for a cute game to play now and then which type of team member are you? Now you can. Simply answer the question and away you go to find out who you would be!

Would you follow in your favourite character's foot steps? Honest truthfully and find out! Please truthfully. Its no fun if you just go for the bottom one or only the middle answer and vice versa.

Created by: Amy
  1. A rock stands in your way, and you only have a tiny amount of time until the base your still in explodes. You..
  2. Ah, an enemy team has come to stop you in your quest. You bring them on with...
  3. Alright, level 3! Now that your level 3, your abilities increased, which means...
  4. Who are favourite characters anyway?
  5. Oh my God! The rail just broke! You jumped but you missed! What can you do?
  6. Your real weight is probably...
  7. Which are you most likely to ask? Or be asked?
  8. What do you wear for shoes?
  9. You defeated Metal Sonic. How did you do this?
  10. What's this quiz like?

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