which jericho team member are you?

there are many fictional characters (whether from a film, comic, game, tv show) that have supernatural powers which make them different from normal people. but what makes them different from eachother is how they use their power. not just choosing between good and evil, but what good or evil they can do. jericho team use their abilities to counter-attack supernatural threats with their own powers and military training. that's the experience that the video game 'clive barker's jericho' gives to people. using superpowers and big-ass guns to kill badguys.

this test will determine which main character you relate to from 'clive barker's jericho'. do you see yourself as smart and intelligent as jones the seer? or do you have a religious insite and healing ability like father rawlings? maybe you can cast spells and wield a sword just as good as church. whoever you think you're like, this quiz will determine which jericho team member you are...

Created by: jackson

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  1. which weapon set-up suits you the most?
  2. you would view yourself as...
  3. what supernatural ability appeals to you the most?
  4. in the middle of a firefight, how would you best contribute to your team?
  5. which of the following would be going through your mind on a mission?
  6. what's your preffered way of dispatching an enemy?
  7. your team position is...
  8. you spent you childhood...
  9. blood...
  10. okay, last question. your at the end of a level but the switch for the exit is on the other side of a larva pool. what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Which jericho team member am I?