Which Mega Man Robot Master Are You?

Do you like, adore, or love Mega Man? Have you been dreaming of being a Robot Masta?! Using your hobbies and... Well, other things, you will become a Robot!!

Do you want to FIND out?! Take this magical, spectacular, amazing, wonderful, extraordinary, super quiz, by me!! I have nothing else to say so I just typed this...

Created by: Cool man
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you relaxed?
  2. What talent are you?
  3. Weapon?
  4. What stage "traps" would you like?
  5. Good weapon or bad?
  6. Which game?
  7. Are you ready?
  8. Last question, Cool or bad.
  9. Just kiddin
  10. Skeletons, Snakes, Ice, Muscles or Butt?
  11. Actual last one.

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Quiz topic: Which Mega Man Robot Master am I?