MEGA MAN QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!

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This is a quiz about Mega Man. In this quiz you will test your knowledge and see if you know Mega Man or not in this Mega Man quiz. Difficulty: ranges if you know this game or not.

Rarity: Depends if you think Mega Man is expensive or not. If you dont you think it's common. But if you do you think it's rare. It just depends what you think.

Created by: Mason
  1. How many games are there in the series?
  2. How many levels are in the latest game?
  3. Can you be unvulnerable to spikes in mega man 11?
  4. Gender?
  5. Age?
  6. Is this rigged?
  7. What was the first Mega man game called?
  8. Mega man nine?
  9. Mega man ten?
  10. Mega man eight?

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