Which love will be your love(part 1)

You just moved into a new town leaving ur friends, family, and ur life behind. no worrys you can always start fresh.you find a place to live at this huge house with six other ppl.but you dont meet these people till ur own unpacking in your room

Tristan:a sexy fencer.(prince like), with long perfect blond hair and olive green eyes.LUCAS:the tall hot geek with dark shaggy hair and brown chocolate eyes.TROY:the handsome baseball playerwith curly brown hair and bright blue eyes.CALVIN:yhe sexy hot football player, with dirty blond longish hair and blue green eyes. TYLER:the hot emo guy with black hair with bangs that cover one of his bright green eyes and a sly smile.SETH:tall cute,brown hair,shy,baby blues, and crooked smile

Created by: Kayla Marie
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  1. READ THE PLOT FIRST!!!you walk in to the huge house and call out hello. no anwsers but theres a note telling you where ur room is sooo you go there. ur half way through unpacking ur things and putting the away when a knock at the door makes you scream. suddenly six guys run in there saying sorry for scarying you.
  2. well b4 you can say anything all of them r introducing them selfs, the guy in fencing gear'hi im tristan'the darky shaggy hair guy'lucas'the guy in the nice fitting baseball uniform'yo names troy'the guy with the football'hey names calvin'the hot emo guy'hi tyler'the guy behind all of them' uhhh hi im... seth'tristan'oh yea were ur roomates by the way
  3. and as quickly as they came into ur room they left but not b4 kissing ur cheek.*sigh*.when ur done umpacking u start to wnder around the huge place. finding many rooms that dont interst you.as ur about to go ur room someone yells out_____ come here.well surprizling its hy guy seth.when u walk he closes the door and locks and yall talk for hours about nothing then all of a sudden he kisses u kiss him back.nxt thing u know he has u agaisnt the door and yall are making out like crazy.
  4. in the middle of ur makeout session a bell rings.'tome for dinner'seth.he opens the door for you and holds ur hand till yall get to the kitchen door.he sits on at the other end of the table. u sit beside tyler.he passes a note 2 u telling u to meet him at the backdoor after dinner.soo after dinner u walk ur at the door.well theres another note telling u to meet him the yard.well after a while seaching u find him on a laying a blanket gazing at the stars.you lay down bside him and he puts his arm around u and holds u closer. after hours of lying like that its time to go back to the house he gives you one bick passion filled kiss b4 yall go.
  5. as you walk back to the house troy is waiting for you he has to tell you something very important.______ i really like i just need some time to think he kisses you then walks away.
  6. well as ur walking to ur room upset about troy lucas call u into the libaray to makeshure u okay. well u yall talk for awhile and realize this was one cool geek. b4 u leave to go to sleep he kisses u gently on ur lips leaving u breathless. u go back to ur room were you fall asleep quickly
  7. u wake up to calvin sitting on your bed saying goodmorning sleeping beauty.'haha very funny cal'you. he leaves the room so can take a shower and get dressed. he comes back when ur done.i really really like you and i was wondering will you take a walk with me tonite at the beach.u said yes. well b4 he leaves he kisses u well one thing lead to another and yall ending up making out for like five mins. then went 2 breakfest.
  8. well after a long breakfest ur full of energy and wat to do something. tristan takes u to his fencing room and well tries teaching u how to fence. which didnt work to well.but u still had alot of fun. he puts his arms aound u trying to show u how to hold a stance and well u looking into his eyes and he kissed u and well him ended up on the floor making out.
  9. well its nite time now time for ur date with calvin. soo yall started walking down the beach hand in hand. just talking and laughing.haing lots of fun. and suddenly u come upon a pinic he set up. and well yall ate dinner and walked in the water. and you fell asleep in his arms._____ wake up its time to go back to the house.okay u said dreamly. and he carried you back all the way to ur room kissed you good nite and left.
  10. well u wake up in the middle of the nite to a lite shining down the hall. wat the heck no one even uses that room. as you open the door someones in there upacking' oh hi im ur new roomate.HAHA this the end of the quiz
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Quiz topic: Which love will be my love(part 1)