Which Little Mix Girl are you most like?

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As there are four members in the fabulous band, Little Mix. Every girl has one who she can relate to, but often thinks about the others, i have made this quiz to show you who your true favourite member is, what you waiting for. TAKE IT!!!

Do you have 2 favourite members of Little Mix but you have no idea who you is your favourite member and you often drift off in class daydreaming about them? Well take this quiz and find your fave member!!!

Created by: Alicia of littlemixers
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  1. Which is your fave colour?
  2. Where do you want to visit the most?
  3. Who lived about 5 minutes from each other and knew all the same people, just didn't know each other?
  4. Who can make a goat noise?
  5. Who had previously auditioned to go on The X Factor UK twice?
  6. Who was cyberbullied during The X Factor UK?
  7. Who has a phobia of flies?
  8. Who used to be called u-no-brow?
  9. Who hates rushing?
  10. Who has a phobia of sandwiches?

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Quiz topic: Which Little Mix Girl am I most like?