What Little Mix member are you

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Little Mix is a popular girl band and won the XFactor and have grown from that ever since there are four members Jade, Perrie Jessie and Leigh-Anne they all have many different voices but they all are amazing!

Are you Perrie, Jade, Jessie or leigh-Anne write down in the comments which one you are and what quiz should I do next please check out LDShadowlady at youtube if you haven't already, and tell her that I sent you there and that I am a huge fan and my name is Leigha, subscribe to her!

Created by: Leigha
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you some one who sits around and dose nothing in your spear time?
  2. Are you a Honey G fan (Xfactor)
  3. Are you a Honey fan
  4. Do you like nuts?
  5. are you in secondary school (high school)
  6. Are you a LDShadowlady Fan
  7. Do you like minecraft
  8. Do you support Donald Trump?
  9. do you like reading?
  10. do you save up money?

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Quiz topic: What Little Mix member am I