How well do you know Little Mix

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Are you a mixer? Know everything there is to know about Perrie,Jade,Jesy and Leigh-Anne? This quiz includes questions about there personal life, career and before fame.

Do you think your a fan, mixer or super fan?? You will find out in this epic quiz to find out how much you know about Little Mix and there life and career.

Created by: Mixer4life

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  1. What sense does Perrie not have?
  2. What year did Little mix win the X factor?
  3. What was Little Mix’s first single?
  4. How did Zayn break up with Perrie?
  5. What word does Leigh-Anne have tatooed on her neck?
  6. What year was the “Get Weird” album released?
  7. What song features Charlie Puth?
  8. When is Jesy’s birthday?
  9. Who is the youngest member?
  10. Is “Grown” a single or in what album?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Little Mix