How well do you know Little Mix

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Are you a mixer? Know everything there is to know about Perrie,Jade,Jesy and Leigh-Anne? This quiz includes questions about there personal life, career and before fame.

Do you think your a fan, mixer or super fan?? You will find out in this epic quiz to find out how much you know about Little Mix and there life and career.

Created by: Mixer4life

  1. What sense does Perrie not have?
  2. What year did Little mix win the X factor?
  3. What was Little Mix's first single?
  4. How did Zayn break up with Perrie?
  5. What word does Leigh-Anne have tatooed on her neck?
  6. What year was the "Get Weird" album released?
  7. What song features Charlie Puth?
  8. When is Jesy's birthday?
  9. Who is the youngest member?
  10. Is "Grown" a single or in what album?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Little Mix