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  • which lion king 2 character are you
    Your Result: you are Simba!

    You are smart and brave. You love your family and will defend those you care about without a second thought. You are always learning and becoming wiser. You are a role model and a great leader. Like Simba you tend to be careful.

    Result Breakdown:
    80% you are Simba!
    77% you are Zazu!
    74% you are Timon!
    68% you are Pumba!
    68% you are Kiara!
    61% you are Rafiki!
    32% you are Nuka
    28% you are Kovu!
    19% you are Vitani!
    11% you are Zira!
    Nice Quiz :)

  • you are Timon! 77%

    You love food and your the class clown. You follow your motto Hakuna Mattata. You like to think your the brains of your outfit and your quite the talker, you can make fun out of any situation. You are full of energy and are unsure of strangers. Like Timon you are a loyal friend.

    This was a good quiz. Congrats.

  • You are Kovu!

    You have been manipulated before, but you have woken up and you are good on the inside, yet you may not know it. You are luckier than you think. You know what you want and how to get it. You will someday meet the love of your life who will bring out the best in you. You have a caring heart like Kovu!

    Yuss. ^w^ I have been manipulated dozens of times and I seem nasty, but when people get to know me I'm rather nice! Great quiz!

  • You are strong willed, but you are not a leader, you have hate but you will someday get over it. You are playful but you are a hot head who should not be messed with. You are good inside but you are a tough not to crack. You are strong and brave like Vitani.

    :D I'm a male, but what the hell, loved this quiz!

  • Thanks for taking the quiz

  • Rafiki O.o

  • Kovu! Nice quiz!

  • I am rafki that is wow


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