Which KOTLC Character Are You Most Like?

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Which Keeper of the Lost Cities character are you most like? This quiz will tell you! There are eight options, Sophie Foster, Keefe Sencen, Fitz Vacker, Biana Vacker,

Dex Dizznee, Tam Song, Linh Song, and Marella Redek. Not guaranteeing this will be accurate but oh well *shrugs*. Also if you do not ship Sokeefe please do reconsider. Thank you.

Created by: LexiTheSoKeefeStan
  1. What colour are your eyes/ what colour do you want them to be/ which description matches them best?
  2. What colour hair do you have/ what do you want it to be?
  3. Gender?
  4. What is your Hogwarts house?
  5. Which most describes you?
  6. How do you deal with anger?
  7. What is your ability/ what do you want it to be out of these?
  8. Introvert or extrovert?
  9. Friends or family?
  10. Which is your biggest flaw?
  11. Which word speaks to you most?
  12. Who do you think you're most similar to?
  13. Yeah sorry if this quiz was random/ bad! Also this question doesn't affect answers it's just for fun :)

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Quiz topic: Which KOTLC Character am I Most Like?