Who is YOUR Favorite KotLC Character???

Hi guys! This is my Keeper of the Lost Cities Quiz where I guess / tell you your favorite character. SOME RESULTS ARE WAY, WAYYY BETTER THAN OTHERS! Not gonna tell you which though! *laughs like an evil maniac*

Anyway, I'm just making this because I am a huge Keeper fangirl, and I felt like it! So yeah! *slowly submerges into fangirl madness never to be seen again*

Created by: Ruthie Marie
  1. What is your OTP???
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. Who is your favorite bodyguard?
  4. Are you an elf?
  5. What do you think about Firt?
  6. How many ships do you have?
  7. Who do you like better: Silveny or Iggy?
  8. What would you call Keefe's dad's beach house?
  9. Are you awesome?
  10. Which of these best describes your smile?

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Quiz topic: Who is my Favorite KotLC Character???