How well do you Know keeper of the lost cities TRIVIA WOOOOO

This is trivia to tell you how much you know about keeper of the lost cities! It will test your knowledge and wits and I'm rambling now because this has to be 150 characters long and I don't know what to say. XD don't bother reading this btw

Still just rambling and asking random stuff do you like bananas:) :D I originally had nothing here and I have to have something and I'm so close to 150 characters just a bit More and that should be good

Created by: Kotlcfangirl
  1. which kotlc character has periwinkle eyes
  2. Why does Sophie have to wear gloves in later books
  3. Which kotlc character is Sophie's cognate
  4. Which member of the black swan starts his sentences with "you kids"
  5. Who was Sophie's first kiss
  6. What is Sophie's favorite color
  7. Ok personal question: who is the better ship
  8. Who is Granites secret identity
  9. What is Jolie's ability
  10. And lastly who is Squalls secret identity

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Quiz topic: How well do I Know keeper of the lost cities TRIVIA WOOOOO