What Keeper of the Lost Cities Character are You?

Use this quiz to find out what Keeper of the Lost Cities character you are! I don’t really know what else to write in this box but I have to fill it up!

Are you Sophie Foster, Fitz Vacker, Biana Vacker, Dex Dizznee, Keefe Sencen, Tam Song, Linh Song or Marella Redek? Please no hate for this fan made quiz!

Created by: AT
  1. Choose a colour:
  2. Pick an ability:
  3. You disagree with something someone is saying. You:
  4. Gender:
  5. You find yourself in the Forbidden Cities. You:
  6. What’s your favourite season?
  7. Pick a trait:
  8. What would be your role in a movie:
  9. How cute/attractive are you?
  10. Have you read KOTLC?

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Quiz topic: What Keeper of the Lost Cities Character am I?