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Welcome to the elvin world of Keeper of the Lost Cities. In the elvin world, special abilities mean everything. Those without out any are branded as lessers and if a manifested elf and a non manifested elf marry, they are scorned as a bad match. So, no time to waste, let’s find out yours.

In this book series, the main character, Sophie Foster has multiple special abilities. She is a telepath, a polyglot, a teleported, an enhancer, and an inflictor. Let’s figure out what your special ability is, follow me....

Created by: Cool Panda
  1. Do you like the idea of sneaking into someone’s head to collect secrets?
  2. If your friend is looking anxious, would you want to know how they are feeling?
  3. Do you want to control Everblaze, the unstoppable flame?
  4. Would you like to control the sea?
  5. Do you wish to disappear sometimes?
  6. Have you ever wished pain upon someone?
  7. Have you ever wished if you could control all of your enemies?
  8. Darkness or light?
  9. Water or fire?
  10. DOES NOT COUNT: What is your favorite book?

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Quiz topic: My Elvin Special Ability!