Which Kevin Smith Movie do you belong in?

Kevin Smith creator of all things good like Clerks and well... Clerks II has given us a look into what his vision of Jersey is, BUT have you ever thought of which one of his movies you should be in?

Only you that know the movies and are a fan will understand these questions. Hopefully you can get a laugh and that your answers will settle any long term bets you have out there.

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  1. Your dream job...
  2. Friendship is...
  3. Your idea of a good time is...
  4. The most devastating thing in the world is...
  5. Which line do you like best?
  6. Your Favorite Ben Affleck movie is:
  7. Your least favorite Ben Affleck movie is:
  8. Your Favorite Kevin Smith movie is:
  9. Which Kevin Smith movie did you see first?
  10. Jay's Best line ever:
  11. Did you even see Jersey Girl?

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Quiz topic: Which Kevin Smith Movie do I belong in?