Do you belong in a movie?

This quiz is to find out if you could make it into a movie and be a star. A star is someone whoes fit pretty and has what it takes to handle the spotlite.

The questiions see if you are fit, popular, future plans, and past experiance. You need these things to make it big in a movie...this will be a good experience. i love you

Created by: erin
  1. Are you a good singer?
  2. Do you to eat a lot?
  3. Have you ever been in your school play?
  4. Do you have many good friends?
  5. Are you rich?
  6. How many kids do you plan on having?
  7. Have you ever picked your nose ever?
  8. You like to get really wild.
  9. You've met a star personally.
  10. How fat are you?
  11. Are you a ninja or in intense training the become a ghost buster?
  12. Is this an awesome quiz or what? (This wont affect your answer if you say no)

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Quiz topic: Do I belong in a movie?