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  • Which Justice League Unlimited Character Are You?

    Your Result: Wonder Woman 86%

    Congratulati ons, you are an Amazonian princess from the paradise island of Themyscira. You left your home to work your magic in the real world, an act of both humility and sacrifice. You are a true public servant, working perhaps against your better judgement to do what is right for others.

    80% Green Lantern
    74% The Flash
    34% Superman
    32% Hawkgirl
    28% Batman
    18% Martian Manhunter
    Awwww I wanted Hawkgirl!!! She's my fav!

    Luna Siren
  • Your Result: Martian Manhunter 80%

    Congratulations, you are J'onn J'onnz, a philosopher, and the last surviving Martian. Your people were annihilated by a genocidal plague engineered by your evil twin brother. On Earth, you could be described with praise as an amalgam of Batman and Superman, with your wondrous gifts and intelligence. You are indeed a philanthropist, and you find humanity intriguing when we aren't trying to kill ourselves.

    78% The Flash
    62% Hawkgirl
    52% Wonder Woman
    34% Green Lantern
    28% Batman
    18% Superman

    Out of all the characters I really didn't want to get the martian...yuck!

    Sophie G
  • the flash cool, but i wanted batman

  • Superman... wanted WW! Or HG!


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