Which is your t-shirt saying?

You knw those t-shirt with saying that make you laugh? Well wich one are you. Hehe. I love those t-shirt they are sooooo random. Well hurry up and take my quiz before I beat you. And take the quiz starting........NOW!

3 t-shirt sayings. You may only choose one. Which will it be. Smart sassy or easy going. By the way I'm a lunitic. Would you like to kill me just out of the blue or would you rather know the secret of the world?

Created by: Alyana

  1. Which are you more like?
  2. Question 3 was the only question that counted.
  3. So did you enjoy your life?
  5. I lied
  6. *pokes you*
  7. Would you kill me if you had the chance?
  8. Am I crazy?
  9. Are you ready for your result?
  10. Will you comment and rate my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which is my t-shirt saying?