How Not Emo Are You?

Are you emo? Are you not? Why are you here? I don't love you. No one does. Go hug a tree. Go hug your mom. Seriously. Before I call the cops on you. Grrrr! Go away! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! FLYING CHEESE!!!!!!!!!! RUN!

They died. Oh well. I saw this shirt that had a pink pig on it with wings. The guy from All Time Low was wearing it. It was sooooooooooooooo cool. I should get one. You can't. Cuz I said so. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Created by: Lillian and Jordian

  1. What is your favorite color out of these?
  2. Which band do you like out of these?
  3. What kind of stores do you go to?
  4. Which song do you like better?
  5. Which of these would be your "symbol"?
  6. Pick A Word
  7. Someone Screams: "Power To The Pee!!!" How Do you react?
  8. Look! It's Harry Potter!
  9. When Does this quiz end?
  10. Last One! What did you think of our quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Not Emo am I?