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  • Will McKenzie

    Will McKenzie is the protagonist character who serves as the show's narrator. His parents have recently divorced, and due to his mother's financial troubles, he is moved from his privileged private school education to the Sixth Form at Rudge Park, a local comprehensive school. His mother, Polly, attributes the move to bullying rather than her own financial issues. Initially Will fails at making friends when he begins at Rudge Park (due to his "gay hair", "clumpy shoes" and "actual briefcase") and has an instant dislike taken to him by the formidable head of Sixth Form, Mr. Gilbert,as well as psychopathic school bully, Mark Donovan. But after several attempts to win their friendship, Simon, Jay and Neil eventually warm to him. Throughout the first series, Will's successes and failures include buying alcohol illegally, calling Neil's dad a "bumder", and organising and hosting a Christmas prom at the school.

    never actually seen inbetweeners, only the adverts, but cool!


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