which hottie will you love (part 7)

this is part 7 of my series OMG i feel really hyper right now so im just gonna type random things. ydogfhew;kldyf gu yw hrgkj yerfigydfkjgh agajygfhgeryg dkydgh haha i feel better now

guys: tyler-red hair and brown eyes. josh- blond hair and blue eyes. nick- brown hair and brown eyes. jacoby- black hair and green eyes. seth- musceles and blond hair and brown eyes

Created by: Destinee

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  1. you hear the knock on the door again your starting to get a little scared because it might be conner. nick gets up and looks through the peephole in the door. its just tyler. nick looks really annoyed but lets him in anyway tyler grabs your hand and says that he needs to tell you something
  2. you follow tyler to his room, and he locks the door behind you.what do you need you ask and he tells you. i not as sweet and caring as i seem he says. what do you mean you ask
  3. ive gone to juvie twice and might go again. he replys
  4. tyler laughs at your shocked expretion. w-what did you do to go to juvie you stutter. just rob some stores and beating the crap out of a guy. i would never hurt you though
  5. he kisses you then lets you leave your walking back to your room when you bump into seth. he says your just the person he wanted to see he hands you his finished painting and walks away
  6. you hang your picture right over you bed and go look for...
  7. you wak out doing what ever you were going to do when of course you see conner.you tell him that you just gonna call the guys and they will beat him up again. he says i dont think so and opens the door inside you see all the boys. this is just like your dream
  8. conner is laughing and you look back at the guys and they are all smiling and staring somewhere behind you. thats when you notice tyler is not with the guys.conner doesnt no that tyler moved in so he didnt look for him. conner is just about to grab you when tyler tackles conner and starts beating the crap out of him. you run to the other guys and untie them. they all go help tyler except nick. he stays with you and asks if your ok
  9. the guys finally get conner to leave and josh says i dont think he will come back if he has any brains left. he high fives tyler and tells everyone its time for supper. you have pizza and sit by
  10. your about to go to bed when tyler asks you out
  11. you say yes and go to bed
  12. you dream about
  13. thats it for part 7
  14. who do you love

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Quiz topic: Which hottie will I love (part 7)