Which hit song of 2013 are you

Their were lots of hit songs this year like , we can't stop , wrecking ball , Berzerk , best song ever , BLURRED LINES , wake me up , red ,I knew you were trouble etc

So lets see if you are able to get you fav song and of course I would love if you like the quiz it's very easy and it has no mind freaking questions ....

Created by: Kristy Thomas
  1. Pick one artist
  2. Pick a song
  3. Select
  4. Which type do you prefer ???
  5. You like....
  6. You like....
  7. What's your favourite band
  8. Are liking Miley Cyrus's new look
  9. Favourite book
  10. Did you like the quiz

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Quiz topic: Which hit song of 2013 am I