Which hetalia country are you?

Ok... This is a quiz about which Hetalia country you are... based on my cosplay characters. I honesty don't know what to write.. so i'll right stuff that isn't important.

Yeah... Whatever... I would recommend a fan fiction called ' Log of the end of the world' because its cool. ' Educating America' and 'Hetalia academy for gifted studennts' is also recommended.

Created by: lukasbondevik02

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  1. You're playing a game with your friends and you lose. You:
  2. You go to a restaurant with your friends and the food sucks. You:
  3. You get insulted by a jerk at school. This isn't anything new. You:
  4. You get attacked by the Italian Mafia on your way home. You:
  5. Your listening to your I-pod. You are listening to: (Feel free to look the songs up)
  6. You get a letter from someone you don't know. You open it anyways, and inside is a p---ographic picture of you with your crush. You:
  7. Your garden is a horrible mess. You:
  8. You receive a San Valentino card from someone( It say's your one and only - No name)You:
  9. Your friends s singing a catchy song. You:
  10. Did you like the test? (Doesn't effect answers)

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Quiz topic: Which hetalia country am I?