Which harry potter couple are you most like

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The golden trio were back at Hogwarts to do their seventh year since they spent their other one destroying hocruxes. "Stupid books," exclaimed Ron one evening when they were doing homework in the library. "I mean come on nothing is helping me with history nothing!" "Ron the answer isn't written there for you, you have to work it out," Hermione was exasperated with Ron just as much as her was with books. "How do you spell Wingardiumleviosar," asked Harry ignoring the bickering.

"W-i-n-g-a-r-d-i-u-m-l-e-v-i-o-s-a-r," spelled out Hermione. "Thanks." "Help me!" Ron called on from behind a tower of books. Hermione went to help Ron. In class Professor McGonagall announced a graduation ball for the first years to become seconds. "All years of all houses must come with a date, yes Mr Thomas." Dean had raised his hand. "What's the dress attire?" "Dress robes Mr Thomas." The class cheered. "Class dismissed," Later in common room. "Uh a ball, who you going with Harry," asked Ron. "Your sister." "Oh yeah I thought so." "How about you." "Got to pluck up the courage."

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  6. Sooooo.... did you give her any gifts
  7. Sooooo.... did you give her any gifts
  8. Sooooo.... did you give her any gifts
  9. Sooooo.... did you give her any gifts
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Quiz topic: Which harry potter couple am I most like