How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?

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"There's no child in our world who does not know his name!" And that is indeed true, wise words from Professor McGonagall, herself. But there are some wizards and witches who beg to differ of knowing just the simple yet deep name "Harry Potter". After all, he isn't just a hero, but it's as if we know him, yes? We shall see. And I see it's time to prove if all those years studying with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the students, were worth it.

Gather all witches, wizards, and muggles alike! I, myself, have challenged you (yes, you) to compete against Rita Skeeter, a reporter from the Daily Prophet, in a "trivia" I have created alongside the Golden trio to prove who knows Potter's adventures through the years the most. Though not the best of the hardest of questions, some may find themselves scratching their heads with their wands. So, let's see indeed, how well do you know Harry Potter?

Created by: Bianca Therese
  1. "Rita Skeeter, reporter of the famous Daily Prophet, has challenged you to a contest! It's time to test your knowledge on our war hero: Harry James Potter's story!" So to start the contest, can you name what are the names of Harry's parents? (Read them carefully!)
  2. Interesting... Unfortunately, Skeeter caught that previous one (as well). We have to beat that blasted and rude woman! #2: Who in the Dursley family is related to Lily Evans Potter?
  3. We're still far from the end of this contest, so we have to continue! #3: What is Professor Snape's first name? (Read the choices carefully!)
  4. (No need to rush! We have to take our time now!) The last question was pretty easy, huh? Let's try to take it up a notch, yeah? #4: What animal can Professor McGonagall transform her Animagi into?
  5. You didn't think the contest/quiz is going to be easy for a muggle- oh, right, you're a wizard and witch. Sorry 'bout that, mate. #5: What was the title of the 4th book in the Harry Potter series?
  6. Applause for how you've gone this far! Keep going! #6: Where was Harry's scar located?
  7. Wonderful! Skeeter is falling behind! C'mon! #7: What is the name of Harry's snowy owl?
  8. Alright, since we've come to this point of the quiz, lemme ask you: #8: What are the names of the two dogs Rubeus Hagrid owns?
  9. Wotcher, there! Tell me: #9: Did Sirius Black kill Peter Pettigrew?
  10. Alright. This is it. We're going to dive deep into the both books and movies, so prepare! #10: What is Professor Dumbledore's full name?
  11. This'll probably be easy for such a skilled witch and wizard like you... #11: Where did Slughorn used to be Head of House?
  12. Looks like Skeeter is catching up. You can do this! #12: What is the name of Aragog's wife?
  13. You're getting there, mate. A few more questions! #13: What is the page number Professor Snape instructed the students to find the information about werewolves?
  14. You're up to question 14! Whoo! You can beat that darn beetle! #14: During his 5th year, what did Harry admit to Professor McGonagall when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up?
  15. The Hogwarts students would be prouder than they already are if their student/graduate would win the contest! #15: Who was the only ghost who could control Peeves, Hogwarts' pesky, mischievous, and annoying poltergeist?
  16. We're heating up in here. Oh, Merlin's beard, we're neck and neck! #15: What type of cat is Crookshanks, Hermione Granger's pet?
  17. Just a few more now... #17: (Book question) Is it true that Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is an ALL WITCHES school?"
  18. You're nearly there, you can do this! #18: Who did Lord Voldemort interrogate and kill (himself) while seeking out for the Elder Wand?
  19. Oh, Merlin's pants! Go (-Your Name-), the Hogwarts crowd is cheering for you! (I hope you weren't cheating with that Auto-Answer Quill or Self-Correcting Ink!) #19: What are the names of Professor Snape's parents?
  20. Goodness, you're one question away from being done! Hard question #20: Between Hermione Granger's parents, which one of them was magical?
  21. AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, YOU'RE AT THE LAST QUESTION! Hard question #21: What did they call the students who were Sorted for more than 5 minutes due to the Sorting Hat's hard decision to place the student between the houses?

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