Do You Really Know Bout Harry Potter?

Welcome to Hogwarts! I am Professor McGonagall. These are your O.W.L exams. Spell-check quill are not allowed and anyone cheating will be dealt with harshly! You have been studying for many months now and should be fine.

Do you have what it takes to take this quiz! Do you know every crevice of Harry Potter! If you're sure you do continue! Your O.W.L examinations. Umbridge will over look them!

Created by: Leah Hoffer

  1. What is Harry's birthday and what is Jo Rowling's?
  2. How many years later does the epilogue start at?
  3. How many kids does Harry have and what are there names?
  4. When do we first meet Fleur and who does she marry?
  5. Who is Harry's first crush? What year does he meet her?
  6. Name the "Harry Potter Trio's Spouses from the epilogue.
  7. What is Gildroy Lockheart's Favorite color.
  8. In the Chamber of Secrets what student was the only one to guess Lockhearts Fav Color?
  9. What is Umbridge's first name?
  10. What is Umbridge's title for most of the fifth book?
  11. Who does Voldemort kill first in the Goblet of Fire?
  12. What is Sirius's Animagus?
  13. What is Trelawney's first name?
  14. What curse does Harry use to finally take Draco down in there fight in the bathroom in the Half-Blood Prince?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know Bout Harry Potter?