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Are you a true Harry Potter fan? well see what it takes by taking the Harry Potter Quiiz with 100% correct answers and please give it a go and see what score you get!:)

Are you a genius? taking the Harry Potter quiz can you manage it, will you be able to get 100% in the Quiz well find out by taking the Quiz, try it for any Harry Potter fan!:)

Created by: Amy of HarryPotterQuiz
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  1. Where does Harry first meet Draco?
  2. What house was Sirius Black a member of at his time at Hogwarts?
  3. What lesson doesnt Hermione really like?
  4. Who is the only one Peeves is afraid of?
  5. What are the numbers typed into the telephone when entering the Ministry of Magic through the visitors entrance?
  6. What is Cho Chang's Patronus?
  7. What is the age requirement for an Apparation License?
  8. What did Dumbledore teach before hhe was Headmaster?
  9. In the movies Neville gives Harry Gillyweed before the Second Task. HOWEVER who gives it to him in the books?
  10. What is Padma Patil's Boggart?

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