Which Harry Potter character is your sibling?

hi!I'm Ginnyprincess.This quiz will tell you who your Harry Potter sibling/s is/are.I hope you enjoy the quiz and get what you want.Oh and I have one rule.... HAVE FUN!!!!!

Now let's get to it. Do you think you will Get what you want?because this quiz is based on which family you would fit into best.NOT which one you want.so just a reminder.. Have fun!and hope you enjoy!

Created by: Ginnyprincess
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. So first of all,Hair colour!
  2. What house are you in????
  3. Favourite place to go?
  4. RP:Your sister/Brother is to busy for you all the time.One Day you see them alone doing nothing.What do you do?
  5. Who's your favourite character???
  6. What is your favorite Harry Potter sweet treat??
  7. What's your blood-status?
  8. RP:your a muggle walking when you see Someone pointing a "stick" at someone.Your just about to walk away when something comes out of the stick and the other person dies.what do you do??
  9. RP:your looking/hoping for a date to the Yule Ball when a student from a different school asks you/looks at you hopefully comes up to you.What do you do??
  10. Last one.......... Pick one of these!😄😄😄😄😄

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter character is my sibling?