witch harry potter character

i created this quiz for harry potter fans there are a few characters they are harry potter, hermione, Ronald Weasley, luna Lovegood, percy prefect, Dumbledore and the sorting hat enjoy!

i hope you get what you want some the questions require something you may not know simply go with your heart hope you enjoy please tell me what you get.

Created by: Audrey Eckert
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what house are you
  2. do you like slytherin
  3. what's your favorite type of animal
  4. which of the following harry potter characters do you like
  5. witch of the following is your wand core
  6. who do you admire/boys
  7. who do you admire/girls
  8. your best friend is a.....
  9. your favorite house is
  10. your least favorite house
  11. your favorite number
  12. you think you are a

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