Which guy will you love?part 3

Love is a funny thing :) your living in a house with 4 hotties and are receiving threats from a creeper and you hav to choose between them all! Good luck and remember it's you who rly chooses the finall result when this quiz series is ovr in the distant future :)

Okay to describe each guy in 3 words I would say Adrian: charming funny gorgeous Chad: loving sporty sexy Mark: smart sweet adorable Dillan: kind mysterious hot

Created by: TatiJudith3
  1. ... And you turn around and seen before. A black hoodie is shadowing his face and says "I've been waiting for you a long time." and he starts coming closer. " I'm Ryan and I love you more that all the others do combined." he quickly pushes you against the mailbox and start kissing you!
  2. Little does Ryan kno that you still hav the small box in you hand! You shove it as hard as you can in his face and sprint to the house and look the door. The last thing you heard before you locked the door was Ryan yelling "You won't get away again that easily next time _____! I LOVE YOU!!"
  3. As you shut the door behind you your heart is racing and you breathing hard. Which what breath you hav in you you call for the guys and tell them what happened.Mark sees the huge bruise on you back from the mailbox that was digging into you and went to get some ice. You lay on the couch back facing up and u feel fingers trailing up you back...
  4. Your heart jumps and you look back to see non other than Dillan :) He starts rubbing your back and tells you that you look beautiful in his arms last night. He's massiaging your back and it feels amazing!!
  5. He kisses your neck and you kiss back with passion. The pain in your back isn't forgotten though and you wince at the pain. Mark walks finally walks in with the ice and a cup off tea
  6. Dillan kisses you once a again and says " If beauty were time, you'd been an eternity" and leaves. Mark carefully lays the ice on your bruise and wraps it around you so it'll stay. "Thanks doctor" you say and he replies saying "well your my favorite patient" with a wink.
  7. He pulls you close and gives you a kiss and a rose and leaves."Kiss me and kiss me again for your love is sweeter that wine, meet me down stairs tomorrow at 2:30." it said
  8. You go to your room take off the ice and watch tv for like an hour. What do you watch?
  9. After a while you hear Chad and Adrian laughing their heads off down stairs! You go down to see what and their talking about cheesy pick up lines and ask you to join them. Then Adrian faces you and says "You make me melt like chocolate on a marshmallow of love".
  10. You all laugh and Chad kisses you good bye and says "See you later babe" and your left with Adrian
  11. Then Adrian starts tickling you! and you both end up rolling around on the couch laughing and you two eventually catch your breath. Then you look at eachother and kiss with increasing passion and you run your hands through his hair with him on top of you
  12. He stops to sit up and says"I wanted to wait to give you this on our date sometime but I just couldnt wait to give you this..."

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I love?part 3