Which guy is your dream guy?Part 19 WARNING!

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Created by: MayRose
  1. Okay,this is the third warning quiz that i have made.Non of the others ever showed so,you know my quiz series 'Which guy is your dream guy?'
  2. Well,I made the last quiz,number 19 two days ago.It never showed in the system though.So i made many warning sights.But they never showed.
  3. You can only find it on my name,so click on the link thats attached to my name.Will you go to the link and take the quiz?
  4. I'm also making a new quiz,in October
  5. Will you take the quiz?!Of course you will.I know you will.
  6. Okay it is called the mystery quiz 1 and so on.
  7. Acutally that isnt what its called! FOOLED YA!so.how do you feel now?probably feel stupid right?
  8. oKAY OKAY,i got distracted.Its actually called 'Magic Enchanting Love Story'.Do ya like the name?It won't be out until the first week of October
  9. Yes it's about magic,and love,etc.You guys are awesome!please i hope this quiz shows!
  10. Thank you goodbye.I'll see ya soon.Goodbye everyone,I'll see ya soon!Please comment!Love all of ya!

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Quiz topic: Which guy is my dream guy?Part 19 WARNING!