Which Growtopia Youtuber are you?

Which Growtopia youtuber are you take this quiz to find out!are you Wicker10,Unknowngt or Faithlua_gt? Wicker10 is so pro but Unknowngt and Faithlua-Gt are noob-pro so hope you like this quiz!

Are you Wicker10 a popular Youtuber,Unknowngt a bit popular youtuber or Faithluagt a unpopular.Wicker10 and Unknowngt has many videos but Faithlua_gt have a bit find out who you are by taking this quiz!

Created by: melody lua

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. who do you want to be
  2. are you popular
  3. how many people subscribed you
  4. how pro are you in gt
  5. im outta questions
  6. um...what accecery are you wearing?
  7. how often do you play gt?
  8. do you like playing gt?
  9. what pet you have
  10. are you ready to hear your results???

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Quiz topic: Which Growtopia Youtuber am I?